Free Laundry Detergent

I just wanted to let everyone know about the free mail-in rebate on the Arm & Hammer Toss’N Done Laundry detergent. The rebate requires you to send your address, UPC, and cash register receipt to get up to 9.99 back on the bag.  Krogers has the bag right now has the 60 Pak bags for 9.79.  So for the cost of the stamp and a little time, you get 60 loads of laundry free.   


Cool Peroxide Tips

I was in the family dollar store yesterday when I ran into a friend who forwarded an email about the benefits of peroxide  VS bleach. Here is some of the highlights from the email:

[This was written by Becky Ransey of Indiana (a doctor’s Wife)]

Here are the household tips she gives and says that this is healthier than bleach.

1. Take one capful (the little white cap that comes with the bottle) and hold in your mouth for 10 minutes daily, then spit it out. (I do it when I bathe.) No more canker sores, and your teeth will be whiter without expensive pastes. Use it instead of mouthwash. 

2. Let your toothbrushes soak in a cup of peroxide to keep them free of germs

3. Clean your counters and table tops with peroxide to kill germs and leave a fresh smell. Simply put a little on your dishrag when you wipe, or spray it on the counters. 

4. After rinsing off your wooden cutting board, pour peroxide on it to kill salmonella and other bacteria. 

 5.. I had fungus on my feet for years until I sprayed a 50/50 mixture of peroxide and water on them 

(especially the toes) every night and let dry. 

 6. Soak any infections or cuts in 3% peroxide for five to ten minutes several times a day. My husband has seen gangrene that would not heal with any medicine but was healed by soaking in peroxide. 

 7. Fill a spray bottle with a 50/50 mixture of peroxide and Water and keep it in every bathroom to disinfect without Harming your septic system like bleach or most other Disinfectants will. 

 8. Tilt your head back and spray into nostrils with your 50/50 mixture whenever you have a cold, plugged sinus. It will bubble and help to kill the bacteria. Hold for a few minutes, and then blow your nose into a tissue. 

9. If you have a terrible toothache and cannot get to a dentist right away, put a capful of 3% peroxide into your mouth and hold it for ten minutes several times a day. The pain will lessen greatly. 

 10. And of course, if you like a natural look to your hair, spray the 50/50 solution on your wet hair after a shower and comb it through. You will not have the peroxide-burnt blonde hair like the hair dye packages but more natural highlights if your hair is a light brown, reddish, or dirty blonde. It also lightens gradually, so it’s not a drastic change. 

 11. Put half a bottle of peroxide in your bath to help get rid of boils, fungus, or other skin infections

 12. You can also add a cup of peroxide instead of bleach to a load of whites in your laundry to whiten them. If there is blood on clothing, pour it directly on the soiled spot. Let it sit for a minute, then rub it and rinse with cold water. Repeat if necessary. 

13. I use peroxide to clean my mirrors. There is no smearing, which is why I love it so much for this. 

14. Another place it’s great is in the bathroom, if someone has been careless & has peed on the floor around the toilet & it’s begun to smell of urine. Just put some peroxide in a spray bottle & spray. In the blink of any eye all the smell will be gone & the bacteria eliminated! 

Lead in Toys

Just wanted to make you aware of the lead that is showing up in the new toys for this Holiday season.  If you have little brothers or sisters make sure you let your parents check out the toys that contain the high amounts of lead in them.  I have some links here that have some interesting reads.

Yahoo article about lead poison

Still Reading

I am still reading the book, High-Tech Heretic.  I came across Stoll talking about how the students in kindergarten were using computers and why did they need them at such a young age.  I just wanted to give you my impression of what he said.  He was talking as if the teacher sit back in their chairs and eat bonbons while the students sit and stare at the computer screens all day.   Just because you have a computer in your room doesn’t mean you don’t teach anymore, it just means now you have more options on how and what to teach.  I feel as though he is writing this book for a uneducated audience and trying to persuade them, without facts, that computers are bad for education.  I am glad that most (or at least some) don’t believe everything they read.

High tech Hectic

I was too wondering when I first began the book, why Dr. Lowell would want us to read this.  I came to several conclusion like telling both sides of the story and understanding both perspectives.  As I read farther, I began to realize how much I agreed with what is being said.  Computers are not a means of education.  They should not be looked at as a new way of teaching, but a different way to learn.  You still need the basic knowledge that a teacher has to offer.  You can’t just put a computer in a bad teachers room and suddenly it makes the teacher a great teacher.  It doesn’t work that way at all.  


Teachers need training on how to implement them into their teaching styles.  I have went to many workshops and heard many great things that I can do with my students, but a lot of them I will never do because it isn’t my teaching style.  (before I began teaching I would have never thought I had a style to my teaching.) So, we need in class, indepth, hands-on training and examples.  I don’t think computer are the answer to teach our digital natives, I think using a computer to enhance and motivate our students is the way.   We need to get the students excited about looking information up on a topic so they can create a movie or podcast relating to that topic.  I am assuming that the book will venture more into the how to use a computer for educational reform instead of all the negativity brought about by the computer era.

my myspace

I have had a few problems in my myspace account, but unforsure if it is a problem because it may just be how the system works.  I got my first spam bullentin.  I know it was spam because it didn’t even make sense, but I just reported them.  I don’t know what happened to them, but I hope they can’t post on my site anymore.  I will have to check into that, but how?? Anyways, I found a couple of groups that I would like to join and thought I did join them, but it didn’t appear in my group pages.  I think that it has to have a new post in order to appear, but that could be forever since there are only about 5 members in both groups combined.  I did find a group for math homework help and I answered one of the questions.  I hope that it isn’t considered cheating, but I of couse didn’t give all the answers, but how to do them.  I didn’t get a response from it yet, but I hope to see that they appreciated the help, but who knows.   I am beginning to see why student like to check myspace accounts, but I don’t understand why the schools have blocked them.  I think that they are as clean as a lot of the other sites that are not blocked.  This would also allow the students a priveledge of checking their accounts once they have finished their work.  I know you would have to watch them, but if they knew they could check it without getting in trouble if they finish their work, they may work harder to get done.  I don’t think blocking the sites work anyways since the students all know how to get around them anyways.  


Ok, anyone else having trouble with the social networking assignment.  I have read that we are to write up like a term paper over social issues.  I am unsure how I am to document the information that I find and I am unsure what I am suppose to find.  I have been participating in groups and designed my myspace the best I can.  I just need a little focus on what to do.  I need a question like a thesis in a research paper, but I don’t know how to go about that either.  Also, they said that the people in the study need to know that they are part of the study, but what do I tell them every time I talk to some one do I add a disclaimer, “what you say can be recorded to review for a paper I’m writing”  or something like that? Any help, suggestions, or ideas are appreciated.  Thanks