I read a review on the Cluetrain Manifesto and it makes you want to read the book.  My impression from the review is that it is like self help guide to marketing on the Internet.  I might have simplified it a little, because it also sounds like it has a lot of great humor that not everyone will understand.  I am actually considering purchasing it to read and maybe start a business online.  The book seems like it would explain the ways you should do business and the don’ts of how not to do business.  I could be wrong, but I believe we were to read this because it shows how the current businesses are banking their future earnings on reputation or price.  The businesses of today need to look at the Internet and make sure they incorporate it into their company in order to keep their businesses going.  It discussed how, “GM mistook the Hondas and VWs for a passing fad” and links it to how businesses are overlooking the power of the internet and the distribution of power the people have just by communicating about a company.  A lot of people are distributing materials and products from their homes which is something that I think a lot of big businesses are overlooking because it is such a small operation that it won’t hurt their business, but what if 10,000 people began selling your product cheaper?  Then would your business hurt.    That is just my opinion of what the book is about.  I have not read it and don’t know for sure, but from the review that is what I got out of it.  


2 responses to “Manifesto

  1. dancingnancy533

    I wonder if small businesses will get an opportunity to have a fighting chance by taking their store online and into a global market.

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