Ok, anyone else having trouble with the social networking assignment.  I have read that we are to write up like a term paper over social issues.  I am unsure how I am to document the information that I find and I am unsure what I am suppose to find.  I have been participating in groups and designed my myspace the best I can.  I just need a little focus on what to do.  I need a question like a thesis in a research paper, but I don’t know how to go about that either.  Also, they said that the people in the study need to know that they are part of the study, but what do I tell them every time I talk to some one do I add a disclaimer, “what you say can be recorded to review for a paper I’m writing”  or something like that? Any help, suggestions, or ideas are appreciated.  Thanks


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  1. I know that we are supposed to write this in the form of an ethnography. I went to wikipedia and looked it up. It gave some insight into the project. My idea is to write about my own experience and then interview some of the people on my friend list to see why they use SNS and what they find beneficial or not.

  2. Look up ethnography as a research form.

    In a nutshell, you participate in the community and then write about what you find. This isn’t going to be a *formal* one, but more like a kind of journaling exercise.

    Sign up.
    Figure out how you’re going to investigate things like
    > how does it work?
    > what does it do?
    > how do people know what they can say?
    > who’s in charge? (if anybody)
    > how do decisions get made?
    > what’s going on around me?

    Then write blog posts and tag them with a category so I can pull all the posts about the SNS experience at once from your archive and see how you’re doing and what you’re thinking.

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