my myspace

I have had a few problems in my myspace account, but unforsure if it is a problem because it may just be how the system works.  I got my first spam bullentin.  I know it was spam because it didn’t even make sense, but I just reported them.  I don’t know what happened to them, but I hope they can’t post on my site anymore.  I will have to check into that, but how?? Anyways, I found a couple of groups that I would like to join and thought I did join them, but it didn’t appear in my group pages.  I think that it has to have a new post in order to appear, but that could be forever since there are only about 5 members in both groups combined.  I did find a group for math homework help and I answered one of the questions.  I hope that it isn’t considered cheating, but I of couse didn’t give all the answers, but how to do them.  I didn’t get a response from it yet, but I hope to see that they appreciated the help, but who knows.   I am beginning to see why student like to check myspace accounts, but I don’t understand why the schools have blocked them.  I think that they are as clean as a lot of the other sites that are not blocked.  This would also allow the students a priveledge of checking their accounts once they have finished their work.  I know you would have to watch them, but if they knew they could check it without getting in trouble if they finish their work, they may work harder to get done.  I don’t think blocking the sites work anyways since the students all know how to get around them anyways.  


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