High tech Hectic

I was too wondering when I first began the book, why Dr. Lowell would want us to read this.  I came to several conclusion like telling both sides of the story and understanding both perspectives.  As I read farther, I began to realize how much I agreed with what is being said.  Computers are not a means of education.  They should not be looked at as a new way of teaching, but a different way to learn.  You still need the basic knowledge that a teacher has to offer.  You can’t just put a computer in a bad teachers room and suddenly it makes the teacher a great teacher.  It doesn’t work that way at all.  


Teachers need training on how to implement them into their teaching styles.  I have went to many workshops and heard many great things that I can do with my students, but a lot of them I will never do because it isn’t my teaching style.  (before I began teaching I would have never thought I had a style to my teaching.) So, we need in class, indepth, hands-on training and examples.  I don’t think computer are the answer to teach our digital natives, I think using a computer to enhance and motivate our students is the way.   We need to get the students excited about looking information up on a topic so they can create a movie or podcast relating to that topic.  I am assuming that the book will venture more into the how to use a computer for educational reform instead of all the negativity brought about by the computer era.


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