I just seen the new list of education tools.  It seems like they are all the tools that we are learning about.  I didn’t see anyone else post it, so I thought I would.  I have already bookmarked it for future use.  It is at this link


Integrating Issues of Social and Economic Justice in Math

I was emailed this link from a group I’m a part of.  I haven’t done any searching through this site, but it looks like it will be a great source to get math lessons that incorporate real life in them. Just thought I would post it.

Community college tuition

I think that it is a large amount of money to pay for an education.  When I began taking classes in 1994 at a community college, I was paying about 120 dollars a class.  Now I pay a 1,200 for one class.  Granted it is a graduate class, but do the colleges really need that much per student.  I also wonder why internet courses cost more.  I would love to see their justification for charging 1200 for one class that I never set foot on campus for.  I’m sure it is expensive to use bb and paying the professor, but 1200 per student? That means since we have about 20 students in class that the school gets  24,000 just from this class alone.  This seems to me to be a lot of money.  Maybe they need to learn to manage their money better. All of this came from reading this article about community colleges.  They have discussed free education at community colleges, but I feel, as does some of them in the article, that if they don’t pay they won’t appreciate it as much.  When your not paying for the education, the push to do well and not have to repeat classes is pretty good.  I do feel, however, that the cost has gotten way to high for people to be able to afford to live once they graduate and have to pay back all those bills.  

I can’t believe how easy it is

I finally got the extra credit assignment done.  I was soo easy to upload it.  I haven’t looked at it to make sure that it works, but I assume it does.  Check it out on youtube.  


RSS Feeds or education

This is an advertisement for RSS response.  The author wants you to purchase RSS response in order to have your blogs sent out at a certain time every year so you don’t have to do any work.  I like his article about using RSS feeds in the classroom with your students, but don’t really see the purpose of the RSS response.  I  don’t see the need for paying for something that is very easily accomplished with several clicks of a mouse.  I may just be cheap, but I feel that he is taking advantage of teachers.  Especially ones that don’t know how to link sites in their blogs.

You tube

I had a chance to look at youtube a little today and am very scared because of all the videos that are shown of teachers that probably never know that they are being filmed.  I don’t allow cameras in my classroom for the this very reason.  I don’t feel that I would have anything to hide because of it, but I don’t want to end up on youtube.  I also noticed that if you watch some of the videos of teachers arguing with the students that the students are very loud and  misbehaving anyways.  But. . .  I did find this very cute video about math.  It is something I might be able to show at the very beginning of school and give as and extra credit assignment due at the end of the year.  Watch it even if your not math, it might give you ideas.  

I can’t believe that we don’t already of a system in place that is used by all schools to determine the number of drop outs you have each year.  Ok, I might be thinking a little small here, but how hard it is to count how many students you have that start a year but don’t finish it? It may be harder than it sounds, for all I know, but it just seems weird that we don’t all count the number of drop outs by they number of students that don’t graduate from high school.   You can read about it from this site by the US Department of Education.