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High tech Hectic

I was too wondering when I first began the book, why Dr. Lowell would want us to read this.  I came to several conclusion like telling both sides of the story and understanding both perspectives.  As I read farther, I began to realize how much I agreed with what is being said.  Computers are not a means of education.  They should not be looked at as a new way of teaching, but a different way to learn.  You still need the basic knowledge that a teacher has to offer.  You can’t just put a computer in a bad teachers room and suddenly it makes the teacher a great teacher.  It doesn’t work that way at all.  


Teachers need training on how to implement them into their teaching styles.  I have went to many workshops and heard many great things that I can do with my students, but a lot of them I will never do because it isn’t my teaching style.  (before I began teaching I would have never thought I had a style to my teaching.) So, we need in class, indepth, hands-on training and examples.  I don’t think computer are the answer to teach our digital natives, I think using a computer to enhance and motivate our students is the way.   We need to get the students excited about looking information up on a topic so they can create a movie or podcast relating to that topic.  I am assuming that the book will venture more into the how to use a computer for educational reform instead of all the negativity brought about by the computer era.


Ending remarks

The very last sentence of Papert’s book says “expanding its benefits to all who want them but also to make sure that those who choose not to want them are making an informed choice.” This to me is an important to beginning to the problems with some of our educational practices. We don’t make the students want our services. This is also something that the parents have a hand in because they are letting their students quit school. We as a society do not inform the students before they drop our of the lost opportunities or the doors that will close to them when they quit school. Education has to be made important in the society that you live in. It has to be seen as a necessesity in order to get the job you are wanting. I discussed this concept with a student the other day. I said, “what are you going to do when you quit school”. He replied with “coal mines”. Around here the coal mines are starting to boom and many new mines are openning up. I commented on “what will you do if the mines close again”. He said, “that won’t happen”. Of course, I reminded him that they did close, that is why they are just openning back up again. Of course, teenagers know everything so they didn’t understand what I was saying. I have several students that do nothing in my classes all day because they are counting the days til they quit. I don’t know what to say to make them understand they are limiting their options for the rest of their lives.